dr. sherise Prince


 Clinical Psychologist 


Yoga Therapist


I'm Dr. Sherise Prince and I provide integrative mind & body services that incorporate elements of psychotherapy, mindfulness and yoga for children, teens and adults.

                                                                                                   Integrative mind-body therapy is an approach for addressing and healing mental, emotional and physical issues by increasing one's resilence and personal resources. When the mind and body are working in concert with one another, proper balance between the rational and emotional parts of the brain is restored, allowing for emotional release, self-regulation and greater access to health and recovery.

As a clinical psychologist, I value the benefit of seeking out support to heal trauma, manage difficult emotional states, and negotiate challenging life experiences. I provide short & long term psychotherapy to help individuals explore irrational thinking patterns and faulty beliefs that may interfere with living a meaningful life.

My personal practice of yoga and meditation has allowed me to witness first hand the power of the body to heal itself - physically & emotionally.  In addition to psychotherapy, I offer body-oriented practices such as yoga and mindfulness to increase awareness of the mind-body connection and to provide access to the inner landscapes of one's being. Greater attunement to bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts can offer deeper insights, create emotional shifts and ultimately open up channels of healing.

For more information about the services that I offer or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact me at
310-582-5225 or email info@mindfullyaware.com

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